Historic Nidderdale



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Tail race - Semi-circular Arched Culvert


Weir on the Laver

In 2013 the Iron-Age (Nidderdale) Community Archaeology Group was invited to visit Gate Bridge Watermill at Galphay which dates mainly from the 19th century but may have links with the medieval Fountains Abbey. It was almost intact, structurally, mechanically and in its water power system which includes a mill race supplied from a weir on the River Laver and tail race in an arched culvert 60 metres long, this culvert being similar to some arched structures at Fountains Abbey four miles away.

It is likely that the tunnel is a remnant of an earlier mill and some careful surveying at Gate Bridge and the abbey may resolve the matter.

Gate Bridge Mill, Galphay

Tail Race (right) meets the River Laver